About Us

Clonard Monastery Youth Centre (CMYC Belfast) is situated in the grounds of Clonard Monastery, just off the Falls Road in Belfast.

We are a voluntary sector unit, supported by the Department of Education for NI, through the Belfast Education & Library Board.

The centre first opened in 1971.

Since then, we estimate nearly 12,000 children and young people have been associated with the Youth Centre.

Mission Statement

Clonard Monastery Youth Centre supports young people to realise their full potential and become active citizens in society, through their participation in and association with goals and principles that are educative, participative, enabling and promote equality of opportunity and social inclusion.

We offer a Drop-In facility to young people aged nine to nineteen, five nights a week with at least six residential weekends as well. We have a very relaxed environment and encourage young people to step inside to chill out, meet their friends, make new friends and have fun while they participate in the many activities offered each night.